Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

The Sun sleeps less. The Moon decides to become more distant but when seen appears to be the respectable stag you'd expect him to be.  Colors are appearing. It's Spring now.  The occasional death of the leaves will seldom fall on the sidewalk, but it's a while before we truly observe their purpose.  The dirt of the world is gone and it's sunny again.  Birds are flying in larger crowds and the bugs are crawling out from their carefully made burrows of the long cold Winter.  Lizards are working out again and sun bathing.  Everyone is coming out with new ensembles in their wardrobe.  Children laugh harder and play more. 

"Get more Vitamin D in your body."

I burn...

Everyone is energetic and teens are preparing for prom.  Mothers stand back and proudly smile while Daddies cautiously shake the boy's hand that could potentially take his Ruby away; Fathers pat the boy on the back and send him off proudly watching a new profound addition to society while Mommies hold back nervous tears and pray to god Cinderella isn't clingy. 

The Minglers Mingle harder and the Monolanthropists Monolanthropate quieter. 

Everyone comes out into the air.  There are crowds in places you once thought we closed.  Smiles, giggles, laughter, jokes, screams, yells, joyful cries and pure natural energy. 

"It's good to see you again," say the ladies to their aqua garments while the gents no longer have words to speak.

Our Elders become more pleasant and our parents become cute again, like last year.

Temperatures rise.  Potential new exercise regimes come into practice.  Everyone gives care to Lung Cancer and all of a sudden Vegans travel in the masses.

The Richer appear to multiply in facades while The Poor appear to hibernate.

There is more time to relax, more money to make, and everyone holds "Welcome" mats close to their bosoms ingesting the Equinox into their soul. 

While the world rejoices in Hell, I'm excited for the breaks, but dreading its traumatic traditions. 

I lose my sense of character and soon become inanimate.  I no longer require special upkeep and care but rather excess repair with the roughest edge no even your best lawyer could define.  I no longer remain a being but rather a feel; a sensation, but to the masses - a desire. I am know longer listened to but rather heard.  I am no longer understood but rather seen behind screens; posing behind large, heavy, velvet drapery  with the finest of silk used as their sheers.  Satin lacing is all I'm entitled to for class and elegance and my features become distant shadows to be filled by "Whatever the fuck it doesn't matter she kinda looks like what's her name."

Summer time is the time of year where everyone gets excited to come out and see the world.

I want to cozy off into a down comforter and hide out in the rooms with the perfect breezes and air flow.  I want to hide my face under a pillow until the gray clouds return to create a opalescent glow upon my skin.  

I do not enjoy the masses excitement for the golden exteriors.  No one wonder people believe in Hell. It's their favorite time of the year. 

Fuses shorten, Matrimony strengthens, and Guidance is hindered.

Lives are lost. Minds are lost.

"We'll look back and expect to reflect on The Golden Age of innocent bliss in a freedom world of love and enjoyment, youth and expression.

But it won't be the roaring 20's we'll be celebrating...

It'll be another obstacle to tackle. Another creature to annialate.

The red and orange glow of lesser self receding into the plush marshmellow benches confined by the lonesome octopus.


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